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Sora Moom Memo - Silver

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From the creators of the popular "Sora Calendar" comes a new addition to their celestial collection: the Sora Moon Memo. This compact version of the original Sora Calendar features the same beautiful moon phases and star illustrations, all printed on the same translucent "Pure white roll paper", which has a smooth surface on the front and a rough texture on the back, and it is characterized by its transparency.

The number "1" to "29" (moon age) is written in the lower left corner of each page, so you can enjoy the phases of the moon by flipping through the pages. In the lower right corner, there are illustrations of constellations and rockets related to the sky.

There are 360 sheets of memo, just like daily calendars, so you can use them for various purposes.

* Size: W74×H105×D18mm(A7)
* Total 360 sheets
* Made in Japan