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Enjoy the {little happy things}™

Hi!  Welcome to {little happy things}™.  This is Erika. I am a graphic designer happily married, living with our lovely 11-year-old boy in NJ.

Started from Etsy, {little happy things}™ was found in October 2009 when I had my boy in my belly and quit my designer job. I missed a lot of things of Japan since I moved to USA, especially Japanese zakka and stationery. I have always hoped I would have the chance to introduce these little happy things of Japan to the people all over the world. Hence the start of {little happy things}.

I love design and I enjoy creating something for people and for myself. I am from Japan where "zakka" is not just a word for fashion and design phenomenon, but everyday life and culture. I don’t remember any day I didn’t check any “zakka” store if I went outside; colors, patterns, packaging, and great design are things that caught my eyes.

{little.happy.things}™ is a collection of Japanese Washi Masking Tapes , Inspirational stationery, Chiyogami & Japanese Art Crafts---all kinds of my new finds of little things that make me happy from my hometown. Every item in this store is quality designed, thoughtful hand-crafted and hand-picked by myself. I hope you will enjoy these little happy things as much as I do!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Enjoy your little happy things and Stay in touch!