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 ===  What's New!  ===

  • 9/19/20 | Pre-Order Items update: Most of LCN's items are in, except Metal Stamps and Vintage Label Sticker Set. If your orders including these items, they are not ready to be shipped yet.
    Calendars are as scheduled, will be here around early/mid October. Thank you for your understanding. 🙏🙏

  • 8/19/20 | 2021 Himekuri Sticky Calendar and Sora Calendar are open for Pre-Order.

  • 8/18/20 | Lin Chia Ning's new and previous items are open for pre-order! Anything you don't see here, please DM or email us! Pre-order ends at 8/23.

  • 7/28/20 | Liaho Paper's new stamps are in! And some re-stocked items.