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Meow Illustration / Flower Pod & Sweetie Pie Gachapon stamp set (set of 12)

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A beautiful set of little flowers stamps designed by Carol Tong.

Flower Pod & Sweetie Pie are a series of gachapon beech wood stamps that has a unique packaging that keeps the stamps as a mystery until it is opened. These collection has 12 basic stamps and 3 hidden stamps that are rarer to find than others.

This is a whole set, which contains 12 non-repeated stamps. They come in a beautiful drawstring bag. If there is a hidden (limited edition) stamp in the set, one basic stamp will be randomly replaced by it.

Gachapon (ガチャポン) is a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan. Gachapon are referred to as blind box sets.

*Ivory white rubber with beech wood handle.
*Stamp size: 20mm x 20mm

*Made in Taiwan