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Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot Marker - 6 Mild Color Set

Regular price $15.00

Create fun doodles and drawings with these dot markers. Depending on how much pressure you use, the squishy dot tips can make marks from 1 to 5 mm wide. By varying the pressure as you draw, you can make expressive, brush-like strokes. These pens feature water-based, pigment-based, lightfast ink. The ink is mildly colored and great for highlighting.

◆0.5 mm hard plastic nib.
◆Squishy dot tip.
◆Water-based, light-fast pigment ink.

◆This set includes 6 colors: Baby Pink, Butter, English Lavender, Pale Mint, Peach Bliss, and Powder Blue.

Note: This is the Japanese version of the Kuretke clean color dot markers.The ink colors may appear darker on absorbent paper.

◆Made in Japan