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PLUS x Mizutama Limited Edition- 2 Ways Correction Tape / Whiteout at your choice

Regular price $5.95

Cute collaboration between PLUS and Mizutama correction / white out / whiteout at your choice.

These white out tapes come with a dust-proof cap, the tip is firmly protected, so it is safe even in a pen pouch!

The "Mini Roller Head", which is the Whipper brand's greatest feature, has high straightness and is strong against repeated pulling.

And there are 2 tips - one for cross out lines, and one for correcting one single character!

*Case size approx: W113×D19×H26mm
*Tape size approx: W5mm/L6m (0.19 inch x 6.56 yard)
*Refill tape Model No.: PLUSWH-645R (Sold separately by PLUS)
*Made in Japan