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Tsukineko VersaFine Clair Pigment Ink Pads

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Tsukineko's new line Versa Fine Clair Pigment Ink Pads in beautiful flower and plants motif boxes in 12 vibrant bright colors and 12 dark colors at your choice.

◆Both fine lines and solid surfaces stamps can be cleanly and beautifully printed.
◆This oil-based pigment ink pads are quick-drying ink pads which dries in about 3 to 5 seconds on paper which absorbs ink easily.
◆The ink after drying becomes water resistant, it will not bleed even if it is colored with water marker or watercolor painting.
◆ The shape of the pad is easy to hold in the hand, you can use it for large rubber stamps.

*Box Size: W97×D57×H23mm
*Pad surface measures: W76×H35mm
*made in Japan