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Snoopy x Pilot Fountain Pen "Kakuno" - Light Blue

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Recommended for those who are new to fountain pens, Introducing the simple and easy-to-use fountain pen "Kakuno"! This is a limited edition from Snoopy x Pilot.

◆Pen Size:H131mm×16φ
◆Point Size: 0.5m.
◆Made in Japan

・ Smile Face
The pen tip has an smiling face mark that makes writing fun. When writing, put the mark up.
・ Cap dent
With a dent to put your finger on to make it easier to open the cap.
・ Both shaft and cap are hexagonal It is a pencil-like hexagon that is hard to roll and easy to hold.
・ Grip is triangular
A gentle triangle that fits three fingers. For the correct way of holding naturally.