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Snoopy Japanese Washi Masking Sticker Roll - Snoopy & Woodstock with gold foil stamped

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Cute Snoopy and Woodstock Washi Masking Stickers Roll with gold foil stamped.

This roll contains 8 designs x 16 sheet each of the cute Snoopy characters you love! These can be peeled one by one, to be used as stickers, so you can re-arrange each one and create your own designs and layouts. And as this is still a washi tape, you can remove and re-position it without leaving a residue on the paper just like a washi tape!

*Package Size: W105×H80×D42mm
*Sticker Size: W20×H20mm
*Each Roll has 8 designs x 16 sheet each, total 128 sheets
*Made in Japan