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Shachihata Japanese Traditional Colors - Make Your Own Kit (Irotsukuri)

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If you like Shachihata's traditional Japanese colors ink pads, now it's even better! You can make your own color pads! Introducing Shachihata's new line- “Iro Tsukuri(色作り)” which allows you to pick the colors you like and make your one and only color ink pad!

There are 29 colors to choose from, the combinations are Infinite! AND! even with the same color combination, you still can make different color gradations/effects by different arrangements! (see the last picture; the same colors were applied, but with different arrangement, the effects are different)

If you need more idea on how and what colors to mix, you can check Shachihata's IG, they have more ideas!

*Blank Pad surface measures: W63×H40mm
*Ink Bottle: 8ml (you can also use these to refill your Shachihata ink pads)