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Pilot Frixion "Waai" Erasable Pen set of 8

Regular price $24.00

Bring Joy to Your Writing with the Pilot Frixion Waai Erasable Pen!

Looking for a pen that's stylish, functional, and sparks a little happiness every time you use it? Look no further than the Pilot Frixion Waai!

The Waai, named after the Japanese expression for joy ("waai"), is the newest member of the Pilot Frixion family. It boasts a sleek, off-white body that complements any style and a comfortable, rounded design that fits perfectly in your hand.

But the real magic is in the ink! Choose from eight vibrant, on-trend colors, including:

  • Classic Black
  • Bold Velvet Red
  • Refreshing Turquoise
  • Sophisticated Sand Beige
  • Soft Dry Peach
  • Playful Cheek Pink
  • Cool Chilly Blue
  • Versatile Mini Gray

These FriXion inks are erasable, so you can write freely without fear of mistakes. The special ink disappears with a touch of the rubber eraser on the pen tip, leaving your notes and ideas clean and error-free.

Here's what makes the Pilot Frixion Waai so special:

  • Erasable ink: Make mistakes a thing of the past!
  • Eight stylish colors: Find the perfect shade to express yourself.
  • Ultra-fine 0.5mm tip: Ideal for precise writing and note-taking.
  • Comfortable grip: Write for extended periods without hand fatigue.
  • Simple, off-white design: Complements any aesthetic.

Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to write with a touch of flair, the Pilot Frixion Waai is the pen that brings joy to everyday writing.