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Lihao Paper / Idea (Creativity) Blank Tracing Masking Tapes

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Blank Tracing Masking Tapes designed by Taiwanese artist - Lihao Paper.
You can make use of your imagination and creativity.
There are all kinds of possibilities on the blank masking tape. 
You are able to create your own unique scenery.  

On the tape, you can affix any stamp you have with an oil-based ink pad.
Moreover, we “keep the backing paper,” so that it’s handier for you to use, and convenient for you to dispense.
The masking tape has three kinds of width for you to bring into full play to your heart’s content.  

The tracing paper material is available for you to use the “oil-based ink pad” to stamp.  
We use “Tsukineko STAZON ink pad (with oil-based pigment ink)” from Japan to demonstrate in the picture. 

*Tape size:
  Idea 20: 20mm x 10m
  Idea 40: 40mm x 10m
  Idea 60: 60mm x 10m

*Made in Taiwan