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Furukawa Mino Paper "Today's Letter" Letter Set - Yellow Flower

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Beautiful letter set from Furukawa Paper Works, made with Japanese tradition "Mino" paper, which is compatible with all writing tools including fountains and brush pens.  It holds water-based ink very well and will not bleed through or smudge.

This "Ippitsusen" style is thoughtfully designed for people who love to send short warm greetings to friends and family and also cherish the uniqueness of Japanese paper. Among many different textures of Mino Japanese paper, this series is using "falling water paper" (落水紙), which has beautiful water drop pattern, makes the paper as beautiful as lace. The recipient can feel the good taste of the sender.

The concept of this series is that there are many designs in this collection, allowing you to change styles depending on how you feel each day.

* Writing Paper: 979×170mm x 6 sheets
* Envelope: 90×180mm x 2 pieces
* Made in Japan