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Classiky for PACK Japanese Masking Tape / Black Cat & Africa

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50mm wide Classiky Packing Tapes designed by Toraneko Bonbon in Black Cat and Africa Animal designs at your choice.

This is designed for packing, therefore using stronger adhesive, so it might leave some residue and Not recommend for any project which requires multiple pulling on and off. It's good to adorn any gift, lunch bag, journal or scrapbook, all kinds of celebration decoration, birthday party, baby shower, baby announcements, seal envelopes...etc. And of course, perfect for the special touch of your store packaging, you can write on this tape, stick it onto plastic bags, paper or cardboard boxes.... I'm sure you'll think of many more uses!
Good new! These are 20m long, plenty to use!

Each roll is 50mm x 20m
Made in Japan