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2021 Himekuri Sticky Calendar - Sweets

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Unique yet useful and cute 2021 Himekuri Sticky Calendar!

This year, they came out with a few more designs. One in partials is the sweets theme, which we love. They collaborate with 17 iconic sweets shops and create daily features of delicious sweets. The sweets theme comes with an additional sweets booklet with extra info about the store and sweets.

What is Himekuri Calendar (日めくりカレンダー)? It means "Daily rip-off-a-page calendar". In this case, it's "Daily rip-off-a-sticker" calendar. One sticker a day, you can use it on your planners, journals as a date sticker; or decorate your snail mail, packages, and of course on your collage pieces!

*Calendar Mount Size:50x210mm
*Sticker Size: 38x25mm
*Includes a stationery guide booklet
*Made in Japan